Strength of The College

Strength of the College

The College feels advantageous of sharing the spiritual company of some of the well-known literary luminaries of Banki like Late Kabi Chandra Kalicharan Pattnaik (1897-1978); Late Pandit Gobinda Rath (1848-1918); Late Pandit Nilamani Bidyaratna (1886-1924). It is enriched by the rich vibrant presence of luminary like Late Dr. Jogesh Chandra Rout, freedom fighter, ex-cabinet minister Odisha, pioneer of the co-operative movement in Odisha, eminent educationalist, founder of Banki College and other colleges and schools in and around Banki. For outstanding selfless social activism he is awarded with “Banki Gandhi”, “Samabaya Ratna”, “Samabaya Samrat”, “Bishwakarma” of modern Banki to name a few.

Alongside the above, the following dignitaries have contributed to the growth and development of Banki as an intellectual epicenter; Late Bannchhanidhi Kar, a legal personality after whom the college library has been named; late Dr. Debendra Ch. Mishra, eminent Economist and former Vice-Chancellor of Sambalpur University and former Director of Schools and Higher Education and Ex-President of Banki college; Late Prof. (Dr.) Kunja Bihari Tripathy eminent Sanskrit Scholar and well versed in Pali language; Prof. (Dr.) Birendra Kishore Das, eminent ex-physician of Lucknow Medical College; Late Sri Balaram Mishra & Bijayananda Tripathy, rtd. chief Engineers; Late Prof. (Dr.) Mahendra Chandra Mishra, Ex-Prof. Ophthalmology & Principal of S.C.B. Medical college, Cuttack; Late Dr. Sarat Ch. Mishra, Rtd. Prof. of Medicine, S.C.B. Medical college; Late Barrister Raghumani Pattnaik of supreme court; Late Prof. (Dr.) Bana Bihari Patnaik, Rtd. Prof. Pathology & Principal, S.C.B. Medical college, Cuttack; Late Rai Bahadur Bidyadhar Panda, the Father of co-operative movement in Odisha; Sri Premananda Tripathy, IAS, Rtd. Secretary to Govt. of India; Late Rai Bahadur Khagendra Chandra Mohapatra, ex-honorary magistrate and ex-president, Banki Union Board; Sri Sarangadhar Raiguru, IPS; Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Tripathy, Rtd. Prof. Medicine, S.C.B. Medical college and eminent diabetics specialist, Sri B.B. Nanda, IPS, rtd. Director General of Police, CISF, New Delhi, Sri Ajit Kumar Tripathy, IAS Ex-Chief Secretary, Govt. of Odisha, Dr. J.P.Das, Rtd. Cardiology, S.C.B. Medical college, Cuttack.

Banki has also received the generous service of the noted Odia novelist VYASAKABI Fakir Mohan Senapati, ex-manager of Dompara estate, Banki. Notwithstanding, Banki has produced many literary luminaries like eminent Poet Gokulananda Praharaj, first MLA, Banki; late Natabar Dhal, noted poet; Sri Debraj Lenka, novelist; late Jambeswar Maharana, noted “Plala Gayak”, late Hemanta Kumar Das, the noted cinema actor crowned with the famous JAYADEV AWARD, guru Gopikrushna Behera, noted Odishi guru. Banki also witnesses innumerable important figures like freedom fighters, paikas, dalabeheras and late brave queen Sukadei. Banki is a sacred place and pilgrim centre of mother Goddess Charchika, Parsuram shrine in Ruchika hill, Ramnath and Baidyanath temples at Baideswar and six Pandava caves at Pathapur.


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