The N.S.S. has been introduced in the college to promote a sense of Social responsibility, discipline, dignity of labour and a sense of service to the people among the students. There are two boys and one girls unit in our college with intake capacity of 50 students each.

The specific objectives of N.S.S. are to arouse social consciousness among the students by providing them opportunities (i) to work with and among the people (ii) to engage themselves in constructive social activities (iii) to enhance knowledge of the community (iv) to put their knowledge to practical use in mitigating some of the social problems, and (v) to gain skills in the exercise of leadership.

  1. Special Camping Programme:

Special Camps are organized by the N.S.S. Volunteers, preferably during vacation, in the 'adopted villages. The camp provides an opportunity to the students to work among the under privileged people and help them to fulfill their urgent needs, like literacy, environmental cleanliness, health, hygiene, sanitation and minimum medical facilities like first aid and other program.

  1. AIDS Awareness:

Tree Plantation: is carried out in the college premises as well as in the adopted 'Village' Projected to be undertaken: (1) Health Camp in the adopted village, (2) traffic rules (3) Female literacy program in the adopted village (4) Interactive Programme for child development (5) legal aid for women folk of the adopted slum (6) Promotion of awareness for educating the girl child in the village.

  1. Code of conduct for N.S.S. Volunteers:
  • A volunteer should work under the guidance of a programme officer and He/She must abide by all the rules and discipline of NSS.
  • He/she must respect other’s point of view. He/she should have confidence of the community where he/she is working.
  • His/hers dress, diet, and disposition should be as simple as possible during his/her work as volunteer.
  • It is a part of her duty to promote the N.S.S. objective by practice and example in order to  inspire the trust and co-ordination among the local people.
  • For solution of a problem he/she should use nonviolent and peaceful methods only.
  • Students are to apply to the programme officer for enrolment as a volunteer.


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